Freezer Cooking, OAMC, Batch Cooking

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 Freezer cooking is a real time saver.  There are many methods on how to Freezer Cook and I suggest you go to your local library and check out a few books on the subject.  First because they have done all of the research for you and second because I am not a teacher I just do things, so if you want a professional’s opinon check out some books at the library.


I love freezer cooking, it is so helpful for the days when everything has gone wrong and you don’t want to cook, or you will be gone, and your husband is in charge.  Just grab a meal out of the freezer and voila like magic you have a home cooked meal.

The method I use is small batches.  I like to make one casserole for dinner tonight, and freeze another for later, it doesn’t take extra time to make two lasagnas and later in the month if necessary there is a meal waiting to be made.  Another thing I like to do is boil 10 pounds of hamburger, drain it, and package into two cup proteins and put into the freezer, then if I am in a hurry, I can just grab some hamburger and add spaghetti sauce, or sloppy Joe mix, or make into tacos.  You can also do this with chicken or left over turkey. 

For more information on Freezer cooking I suggest I love them and think they are the best resource out there.  

I also have some recipes on this website.