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This year our family decided to finally put in a garden. Not just any garden. Oh no we go BIG or go Home! We chose a Staw Bale Garden.  Why you ask?  Here are a few reasons as to why we put in this type of garden:

*75% less labor

*Raised height, easy planting

*NO weeding

*Extends the growing season

*Higher germination on seeds

*Predictable performance

*Impossible to overwater

*Holds moisture well

*Creates new media yearly

*Easy to move location

*Automated water daily is okay

*No crop rotation needed

Hello!  I hope you are all having a great day today.  Here in Colorado we went from 75 to 38 and rain/snow mixture. Spring time in the Rockies is so much fun :)  So today I whipped up some Paleo Zuppa Toscana and realized I didn't have this recipe on my website.  You may not be aware of this but I made this website for our two older children (22-20) so that when they moved out they had an easy reference to go to when they wanted some comfort food or just some advice.  That being said I thought I would do a little tutorial for the kiddos.

Superbowl XLVIII

So unless you are living under a rock you know that the Superbowl is only a couple weeks away and that the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will be in it.  But the question is what will we be eating during the Superbowl?  Living a Paleo lifestyle I need to be prepared for some serious eating.   The following are some amazing recipes. I hope you enjoy!  I made sure to include Paleo "Tortilla Chips" for your salsa and the Ranch Dressing I use all the time for your veggies.  Also I had to include a dessert.

As many of you are aware, Colorado has numerous Forest Fires burning at this time.  It is heart breaking and we continue to pray for all those affected by this tragedy.   I  have a lot of people I know and love being personally affected as well.  Firefighters, their families, friends who have lost homes, you get the idea.


Tonight while looking at Facebook, one of my friends wrote the following post:


A lot of things have been going on at our house so far in the month of January!  I officially made it into the 100 Club and for those of you who have ever struggled with weight know exactly what I mean.  I am now a size 12 with hopes of becoming a 10 but if I don’t that’s ok. I was once a size 16 and to be a 12 at the age of 40 is a huge accomplishment.