Nerf Gun Backyard Party

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My kiddos and their Daddy love Nerf Guns.  It's true my Handsome Husband recieved one as a Christmas gift this year in fact from our oldest son who is in his 20's.  When I stumbled across this picture on Pinterest I knew I hit pay dirt.  Come on what could be better on a Friday Night with your family and friends? Or a Family Reunion?  or a Birthday Party! Yep next year for Little Man's Birthday oh yeah this is the ticket!

This link worked when I pinned it and this mom rocks! Wait until you see her awesome ideas which I will be duplicating in the future Wink


I hope you enjoy this idea as much as we did.






Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nerf Gun Backyard Party

"So, Mom. Is my birthday basically a last minute kind of thing?"
I almost shot the birthday kid with a Nerf bullet.
"No," I replied instead. "But not everything needs to be complicated."
Here are a few snapshots of one of the simplest birthday parties we have ever given...and the boys all had a blast.
Suction lesson about not shooting anyone in the face at point blank range
Let the games begin, camo optional
I offered camouflage face paint, but the boys were more eager for an epic battle.
Pinterest Moms with time on their hands sew their own vests out of felt. Moms like me, who are just trying to make it, can get nail pouches from Lowe's instead. Works great for reloading ammo mid-game.
cardboard barricades supported by wooden stakes and a staple gun
capture the flag...two on two...honor code for when you are tagged out, or boot camp exercises if found not trustworthy. Boys verse Dads. My husband was a great Gamemaker.
Having a variety of guns wasn't a problem. The boys enjoyed swapping them around and trying out different guns on different games. They did a great job of helping younger boys retrieve lost bullets and repair jammed guns. I was proud of their collaborative and competitive sides.
Popsicle breaks between rounds. Lots of bottled waters.
Variety of orange and yellow foods....carrots, oranges, cantaloupe, and yellow and orange bell pepper slices to balance out the junk, pizza, and birthday cake.
Cheese puffs and baby carrots loosely resemble Nerf bullets
We set up target practice around the backyard. The wind upped their game a little.
The boys were more interested in shooting eacer than the targets.

Movie boxes of candy as take-homes, along with the goggles and nail pouches.... Berry Blast Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales and Life Savers also loosely resemble Nerf bullets.
Two Moms have already told me they are going to do the same thing for their kids' birthdays this year.
Hooray for simplicity!